How to fight for the truth about climate change?

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In the previous article, I wrote about changing tactics about denying human impact on climate change. Now, I want to convey 4 steps that climate scientist Michael E. Mann in his book The New Climate War – The Fight to Take Back Our Planet suggests in the fight for the truth about climate change:

1. Disregard the doomsayers – since there is no strong evidence to support the impossibility of slowing down climate change, the best solution is to ignore all those who spread disturbing information.

2. A child shall lead them – young climate activists have shown that they are the real bearers of change in this field of struggle. Their messages about the future they expect are clear and difficult to refute because they speak honestly. Older generations should learn from children about their methods and idealism.

3. Education, education, education – Mann believes that these hardened deniers are incorrigible and that because they are now in the minority one should not spend energy on them. Rather, one should invest effort in those honest but confused people who have fallen into the trap of various interests. Dedicate yourself to those who are open, want to learn and change.

4. Changing the system requires systemic change – the disinformation machine of the fossil fuel industry tends to transfer the burden of guilt to individual habits (what car we drive, what we eat, etc.). However, the real fight against climate change must be waged, in addition to individual responsibility, in the field of making positive policies and creating motivation for the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables and to the global green economy.

Overall, knowledge is a vaccine to combat accelerated climate change. The final solution involves behavior change driven by adequate government policies, then intergovernmental agreements and technological innovation.

If you want to improve your knowledge in the field of climate change, I recommend the following several sources:
- The latest online course on climate change with the latest scientific data and information:

- Website Skeptical Science ( - a site that provides a lot of information on climate change

- YouTube channel Climate Adam ( - Adam is a doctor of climate sciences from Oxford. This channel provides the latest information in the field of climate change in a fun way.

- Twitter account of scientist Michael Mann - @MichaelEMann. Mann is an American scientist who is very active on social networks where he expresses his opinions, comments and discusses with his followers on various topics related to climate change.- 
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